Brad Kamanski’s Internet Marketing Bio

wahcrew3Meet Brad Kamanski:

I started my Internet Marketing career in 2001 with a program called Global Domains International. I also tried Strong Future International for a short while too. Soon after that I decided MLM was just NOT my cup of tea.

I had always known deep down inside that one day I would succeed in my own business but I just had to discover the right vehicle to solidify that dream!

In 2008 while working at Sears in Ohio selling appliances one of my friends from the Electronics department turned me on to YouTube video marketing. It was a complete natural fit for me because I was trained in the theater and actually did a five year stint in Hollywood as a bit actor and stuntman!

I have had great success over the years in Internet Marketing. Many months I have made five figures and I absolutely LOVE what I do. At one point I had over 850 videos on my YouTube channel. The danger in that was that I was so visible and became a target for people who have no lives and their only purpose is to lie and destroy successful people.

My YouTube video channel was closed down in 2010 and I started blogging with WordPress. The money is not as good as Video Marketing but at least the HATERS cannot get my website shut down like they did my YouTube Channel!

Today my blog is producing a full-time income pretty much on auto-pilot! I could actually retire any time I want but I really LOVE what I do! I currently own ONE of my own programs called the The $20 Mini Site. It is a low risk way to try your hand at making money online!

If you have any questions feel free to call me! I actually DO ANSWER my phone! I do not hide behind an email address like so many people do!

Brad Kamanski  1-928-266-0555  If I am out please leave a message. If you do not leave a message I will not call you back!

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