The $20 Mini Site!

pppsplash4The $20 Mini Site was designed with just ONE purpose in mind… To put multiple $20 Instant Payments into your pockets on a daily basis! So far the results have overwhelmingly shown that we have exceeded that goal!

Simplicity is the hallmark of the $20 Mini Site. Just show the website to people who are looking to make money from home (we will show you how). The prospect calls the Owner to ask questions. The Owner answers ALL of their questions and they join! And you just pocketed $20 and DID NOT have to speak with ANYONE! And the best part… this can happen several times a day!

Well, now it is time to make a decision. The $20 Mini Site is only $25.00 for a Lifetime Membership! Remember, the Owner closes ALL your sales for you! We also give you an Internet Marketing Course valued at $197 that will make you skilled at making money online. You can also market with postcards. We have the best converting cards in the industry and the lead vendor has provided buyer leads for over twenty years!


Questions? Read The Website First! Call Brad! 1-928-266-0555

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