The Millionaire Mailer


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4 Responses to The Millionaire Mailer

  1. Gina Hansen says:

    Hello I was looking at your millionaire mailer. I have got another flyer from someone about it also. I have been doing my research on it. It seems legit. My question is: On her flyer that I have not mailed in yet says 4 different people to send $25.00 to and yours says save $25.00 on two spots which means it will only be $50.00 between the two. Why is that? That would be a great savings for me since I lost hours at my job. That extra $50.00 could help with printing and stamps. Thanks.

  2. Cando Langston says:

    hello, I was wondering if you are still with the program because I am looking to start ASAP ! and I have already printed out your flyer.thanks!

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