$20 Dollar Mini Site Accepting Payza Now!


Well, maybe not dozens. But I have awakened to four sales a day ($80) on many occasions! That is precisely why I developed the $20 Mini Site! Hi, my name is Brad and I have made a “Full Time” income from home since 2008. I work very few hours a week and I love what I do! Initially it was not quite that easy. I was very new to Internet Marketing and Postcard Marketing and I had to become a “Student” of the game so to speak. That is of course if I wanted to replace my lousy job! And, did I ever want to… “Fire That Crappy Boss”!

Fast Forward To The Present… Life has changed so much since 2008 and I have learned a great many things. I can build Splash Pages, Capture Pages, Websites, and my WordPress Blog is bringing in weekly sales on 100% auto-pilot! Life Is Good!

I have learned HTML, SEO, and can build extremely successful programs in a day or less! My last program brought in over 1700 members the first month! Why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to know that when you join the $20 Mini Site you have your “BEST” chance at success in the home business industry! And, I am assuming you want to succeed right? Continue reading…

In my eight years working from home I have also learned which pay plans work better than the Matrixes, MLM’S, Splits, Affiliate Programs, ETC… In my humble opinion there is NONE better than the Mini Site Model! People LOVE simplicity and there is NOTHING SIMPLER than the $20 Mini Site! Period!


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