A Letter From The Owner Of DigiSoft Ron Walsh This Is Why You Should Join!

Hi Brad,

This email is so important that I am sending it to all DigiSoft Members!

In my last email (copy below) I said….

“I got tired of the lies, false promises, and starting over every 3 – 6
months when a program failed!”

This was one of the reasons why I decided to start my own program!

We all know that you cannot build a house when the walls keep falling
down! This is something we can all visualize.

But for some unknown reason people think that they can make money
online by joining every New HYPED UP START UP that comes along!

Just like the house with the walls that keep falling down, over 90% of
these new start ups fail within 3 – 6 months. That is a scary number!
When you join a new start up, you stand a 90% chance of FAILING
Because when they fail, “You Fail By Default!”

Let me tell you why they fail. Most of them use the old-school Matrix
style pay plans where everyone has to send their money into the
company, and they pay out commissions the following month. They
tell people at the launch; “You do not have to refer people to get paid.
If you get in early you will receive SPILLOVER from the upline!”

These people know that the easiest way to get someone`s money is
to tell them that they can make money without doing ANYTHING!
They are selling lies and false promises!

When you tell people that they do not have to work, then guess what;

Inevitability the business stalls in a few shorts months, and they shut it
down and keep the last months commissions.

Then as quick as they shut down one website, they start another pre-
launch for another business, and suck in the very same people who
they ripped off in the previous business. Every time they do this, they
can be pocketing $10,000 to $30,000 and $40,000 when they do not
payout the last months commissions!

We never know who the people are behind these websites because it
is so easy for them to hide their true identity, and they hide their identity
because they know they cannot keep getting away with ripping people
off if everyone knows who they are!

This is what we are up against in the Networking Industry!

If I had my way, all program owns would have to show their true identity on
their website in a video just like I do!

DigiSoft recently celebrated our 3 year anniversary! We are not one
of those “Here Today – Gone Tomorrow Programs” you see online!
And we pay commissions instantly member to member so the company
Can NEVER run off with your hard earn commission! This is the way I
designed our 1-2 UP Infinity Pay Plan. I call it… Honest By Design!

Your decision to join DigiSoft, is like the decision to build a STRONG
House with STRONG Walls so it will not fall down!

If you missed my last email, I have enclosed a copy below.

This Is My Story From The Desk of Ron Walsh

I am sending this email to all DigiSoft Members, because I want
you all to know my story! This is the short version 🙂

When I was first introduced to Network Marketing in a hotel room
over 25 years ago, I fell in love with it when I saw how I could earn
money from the efforts of other people!

At that very first meeting the guy doing the presentation quoted
J. Paul Getty who said;

“I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my
own effort.”

It made so much sense to me when I heard it, and right then and
there in that hotel room I knew Network Marketing was for me!
There was no internet back then!

When the internet came along, a lot of people figured out that they
trick people into thinking they can make money online, when in
fact these scoundrels were only out to steal people`s money by
lying to them.

We have all fallen for these promises of riches without working for
it. You know what I am talking about, a new program launches and
they say get in early, get in at the top and you will get a bunch of
SPILLOVER and make a TON of Money!

SPILLOVER is the BIGGEST LIE ever portrayed in the Network
Marketing Industry! It rarely happens because everyone is told they
do not have to work to make money! If no one is working, where is
the spillover coming from? Think about it!

I got tired of the lies, false promises, and starting over every 3- 6
months when a program failed!

This is why I decided to start my own business, and to do it with
honesty, integrity, and a proprietary one-of-a-kind KICK A$$ Pay
Plan that I engineered myself, and I have not looked back!

I am one of the few program owners who will actually stand out
front on the website in a video. Most programs owners hide their
true identity because they know they will not be around in a few
months, and you cannot keep sucking people into Here Today
– Gone Tomorrow Programs if everyone knows who is behind it.

Why do do I stand out front in a video? I will gladly tell you, because
I am not here to rip people off (like I was ripped off in the past).

– I am here to help people make money
– I am here to help people make a difference in their lives
– I am here because I believe in Networking Marketing
– I am here because I believe in the J. Paul Getty quote

Brad, why are you here?

Tour Takers, It Is Time To Get Started!

You can get started at Package #1 for just $22 ($7 Payliner Fee +
$15 Package #1). At Package #1 you start receiving INSTANT $15
Commissions with your second sale.

Or you can go all in at both Package Levels like most people do so
you can start receiving those $35 payments infinity deep at Package
Level #2.

Remember, I will help to close your sales! I could be sending
emails just like this to your people, but you have to upgrade to a
Payliner first!

Team Work Works!

Ron Walsh
CEO & Founder
DigiSoft Payline

NOTE: I corrected some grammatical errors from the original email!  Brad  🙂

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