• Hello is the mail order business the 25.00 email processing Biz opportunity? And is this the 50.00 mini website Biz opportunity? Or is this something different Global Domain?
    I’m Looking for a mail order business and the $50 mini website Biz opportunity thank you for time.

    Unique Isonka

    • The email processing is an online business predominantly that might work offline. Also, I believe the $50 Mini would work well with postcards too! It is an online business as well. Global Domains is online ALL the way! If you want a great Mail Order business try the program below! Brad


      • Thank you !
        I’ll start with the 50.00 mini website first and then global team. Do I join under your link or Mr. Andre Wilson on Facebook, he Did a video over the weekend on Facebook and hands or Link as the contact person but his link under joining so I’m not quite sure which way to go thank you so much and I’m sure there’s also Support as well?

      • If you saw my link first I would say join me. If you saw Andre’s first join him. That kind of stuff happens all the time Unique. There is support here since I own the program! Brad http://firedaboss.com/50allday

      • Thank you Brad and my condolences to you your wife and your family. I’m Unique Isonka on Facebook I sent your friends request and that’s why I just saw the news about your family and I’m so sorry our prayers are with you healing comfort and peace in Jesus name take care be in touch after a little while I understand the hearts go out to you and the family blessings and peace. Unique

  • Ok I’ll join your team! Andre & Case are awesome I’ve done work with them in the past and made money. Will switch it up this time. He gets busy at times but it’s Understandable with family and all. So again I’ll go ahead and join your team but I’m going to not contact you right now because of you know your family situation and I want to respect your space and time be in touch soon blessings

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