• Hey Brad. This is Johnny Costello . Don’t know if this is you. I heard about your son today from Vic. Got together with him, Libby and family today. Haven’t seen Vic in 23 years or so. Just want to tell you how sorry I am about your son. Didn’t know you had a son until today….Heard there’s a video. Don’t want to see the video. Don’t care about the video. But you are somebody from my past that I have good memories of. I wish you the best. Take care, Johnny Costello

    PS. I hope this is the Brad Kamanski I knew once upon a time…

    • It is me Johnny. Thank you for your kind words. The video is painful to watch. Nice to hear from you. Please refresh my memory. I am 59 and sometimes the past is a little foggy. A school, a place, something to make the connection. I remember your name for sure. Brad 🙂

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