Brand New “GIVE ME FIVE” Mini Site! Only $4.99!

The Give Me Five Program Is A Dream Come True! You are probably wondering how we can make such a bold statement. Am I right? Let me explain. There was a program several years back called By The Millions. It was not uncommon to make $25 ~ $50 a day! The problem: The Owner would take another $4 to administer the program!

Here is what I figured out. If the By The Millions website could get thousands of members to pay $6 plus a $4 Admin fee not only was the Mini Site concept a success but I believed you would make a LOT more sales if you only charged $4.99 and gave the members 100% commissions!

Let’s do some simple math to demonstrate the power of the Give Me Five program. Let’s say you bring in just two sales a day. (EASY) You would make $300 dollars extra every month! Not bad for a one time $4.99 spend! What about four sales a day? You are looking at $600 a month! Even better! Ten sales…$1500 a month! WOW! Would you invest just $4.99 one time to have that kind of potential? Of course you would!

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4 Responses to Brand New “GIVE ME FIVE” Mini Site! Only $4.99!

  1. Gary says:

    How do you get paid? Checks money orders? Do you provide marketing kit?

  2. Everald Owen says:

    Is this US only. Or can worldwide folks join .

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