• Hi Brad,

    Could you please e-mail me an editable copy of your color flyer for Best Easy Work so I can put my website at the bottom. It is very well done.

    Thank you,


  • Hi Brad Hope Your holidays were great. 🙂 Just checking in to see what’s been going on and what new business opportunity are you doing right now that actually works. I’m in dire need to bring in a few extra dollars a month until I get my Real Estate  up and running now that I’m a business owner..that’s actually working, even if it’s 1-200.00 extra a month I’m happy😊  Are u still doing the mailing business with Andre and TJ Halloway? Thank you ttyl


    The Unique Investor🏘

  • Awesome!! And thanks your the upfront video on what type of ppl u want on your team!

    I’m new to online stuff, but I’m reachable & teachable. I’m not a quitter because I plant a seed and it’s not Fruit the next day. Consistency and fishing in the right ponds pay off & my looking for an honest team of ppl that are willing to help as I help others, same as it goes with my Real Estate team and Mentor I learn from him I go out & help others= a reward.. Thank U for bringing value to those who are hungry for ops Other Peoples Success as well as Yours God Bless will take a look at the link😊

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