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Postcard Networker Downline Building Fast!


Q. What do I do in the Postcard Networker business system?

First, just set up your FREE membership account. Then you’ll just simply send out postcards to build your business.

Q. Who do I send the postcards to?

The postcards already come with ALL of the prospect’s names and addresses printed on them. You do not need to get leads or find people to send them to.

Q. Can I make money as a FREE member?

Yes. Basic (Free) and Gold members are able to earn money with the Postcard Networker business system. This makes it fair to everyone no matter what your current financial situation…we can help you.

Q. How much do the postcards cost?

Our postcards are all reasonably priced and all include fresh prospect’s printed on them. You can also get special discounts when you send more postcards. The full pricing is available in our member’s area which you will have access to as soon as you set up your FREE membership

Q. What kind of training will I get in Postcard Networker?

We will show you everything you need to build a full-time income from home using our business system. Our focus will always be on helping show you what to do and how to do it to be successful and make money from home.

Q. I heard I can get FREE postcards…how does that work?

Yes, you are right! You get a 100% match on postcards bought by any of your personal referrals through the Postcard Networker business system. For instance, when one of your referrals buys 100 postcards – you get 100 postcards for free, if they buy 500 postcards – you get 500 postcards free. Not just once, but any time they buy more postcards – you get more postcards FREE!

Q. I do not live in the United States, can I still do this?

Yes, you can still join and build a business. For anyone that does not live in the United States we can mail your postcards for you, we just ask that you also cover the cost of the postcard stamps (34 cents each).

Q. Do I have to send postcards to make money?

No, you will get a website referral link that you can promote. When people join through your website you can also make money. Although we recommend that you send postcards (because it’s so easy), you can decide what you would like to do to make money with our simple business system.

Q. Can I make residual income with this business system?

Yes! We have set up the Postcard Networker business system to create leverage and ongoing income for you and your family. The effort you put in to your business today can pay you for weeks, months, or even years into the future.

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Brad Kamanski Shares Some Great Mail Order Programs With You!

Mail Order Programs: $20 ~ $40

Mail Order Programs are perfect for people who are not “Computer Savvy”.  If you would rather not have to go through the complex “Learning Curve” of figuring out back offices, payment processors, capture pages, domains, and everything else that comes with websites you are in the “Right Place”.

Mail Order Programs are just plain simple! But, do not let the ease and simplicity fool you into thinking they will not produce an income! Quite the contrary! Many mail order home business people “Favor”  the old fashioned Mail Order Programs!

What could be easier? Print a flyer. Put a stamp and an address label on it and wait for the CASH to roll in! And, Mail Order Programs can create massive leverage  and residual income too! Get started today!

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