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Mini Site Special Deals Running Now!

STOP IMAGINING AND TAKE ACTION TODAY! The $20 Dollar Mini Site Is A Dream Come True! You are probably wondering how we can make such a bold statement. Am I right? Let me explain. There was a program several years back called By The Millions. It was not uncommon to get five commissions a day! The problem: They were only small $6 commissions! What you have before you is MUCH MORE POWERFUL! Please continue reading to learn more…

Here is what I figured out. If the By The Millions website could get thousands of members to pay $6 plus a $4 Admin fee not only was the Mini Site concept a success but I believe people would happily pay more for larger paydays! And you know what? People LOVE the $20 commissions and the $20 Dollar Mini Site has become a SMASHING SUCCESS! THE $2O DOLLAR MINI SITE IS LITERALLY A VIRTUAL CASH COW!

Let’s do some simple math to demonstrate the power of the $20 Dollar Mini Site. Let’s say you bring in just one sale a day. You would make $600 dollars a month! Not bad for a one time $20 spend! What about two sales a day? You are looking at $1200 a month! Even better! Three sales…$1800 a month! WOW! Would you invest just $20 one time to have that kind of potential? Of course you would!

ALL Of The Mini Sites I Offer Are Closed Thanks To PayPal!

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