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Big Screen Adz Viral Traffic Machine!



We will use 10 members who attract 10 others to our BIG SCREEN ADZ system and duplication over just 7 levels deep (members view only 6 ADZ however, our network in reality goes to infinity levels deep), That’s 10 x10 x10 x10 x10 x10 x10 = 10 million Views to our BIG SCREEN ADZ network. And, that’s not all, …

You see, with 10 million promoting – they are likely getting 5, 10, 20, and 30+ views from each individual member’s efforts. That’s at minimum 50 – 100 million views for our members using our “viral” BIG SCREEN ADZ system. All of this activity adds to the mayhem and expands the system even more. Are you beginning to see the Colossal POWER behind BIG SCREEN ADZ?

We realize this is an over the top example meant to showcase the sheer power in what you have before you.  And, …Did we mention, the above examples are just as a FREE member and that by becoming a Pro Big Screen Adz owner – you get THE ULTIMATE EXPOSURE PACKAGE and get 4x the “Viral” exposure?Four times the exposure!  The Pro Big Screen Adz Package multiplies your traffic by a factor of FOUR!

The Pro Big Screen Adz purchase gets you (4) Four times the exposure. What’s the cost of the Ultimate Exposure Package?

Pro Big Screen Adz Package – $30 one-time payment

  • Position 1 on our BIG SCREEN ADZ viewer will ALWAYS be your link/website (Free or Pro).
  • Positions 2 – 5 will show random Pro Members links/websites (4 to 1 ratio over Free members).  Four times the exposure.  Example: 1000 views for a FREE member equates to 4000 views for the Pro Member (multiply this by thousands and we’re talking tens of thousands more views with ZERO  additional effort)
  • Position 6 will show a random FREE Member site.

Free Members can place One AD in our BIG SCREEN ADZ system and email their specific group only, once a week

The Pro Big Screen Adz Pack allows you to place a total of 4 ADZ for rotation (same or different), in BIG SCREEN ADZ

The Pro Big Screen Adz Pack also provides DEEP discounts in our other paid services (login ads, specials, etc.)

The Pro Big Screen Adz Pack allows you to email your specific group and 100 random Ultra Targeted members, twice a week. That’s 800 Ultra Targeted emails per month!


What is the cost of membership?
Membership is Free

Do you offer paid services?
Login ADZ – $10 per 1000 impressions for a the Pro Big Screen Adz Pack owners and $20 per 1000 impressions for a FREE member
All Ad Purchases Are Non Refundable!

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